Visual Guitar 2.0

Visual Guitar will help you to understand your guitar better than ever before. The colourful interface displays scales, modes, chords and arpeggios in a clear and easy to understand way.

Select a musical formula from the library, or enter your own pattern of notes, then instantly see and play them on the guitar fretboard.

Whether you are just starting out with the guitar, learning your open chords, or you are an experienced guitarist looking for new ideas for chord voicings and scale fingerings, this is the app for you. Thousands of students and teachers of the guitar around the world use our apps to better understand their instruments.


  • Fixed-root mode and fixed-fret mode (which allows you to choose the way you look at the fretboard)
  • An individual string tuner which allows you to tune any string down 5 semitones or up 7 semitones
  • Two new guitar sounds
  • A pitch constellation display
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